Former FBI leader reveals he believed in Hillary Clinton's election and provoked Trump's ire

Former FBI leader reveals he believed in Hillary Clinton's election and provoked Trump's ire

The American channel ABC must broadcast Sunday night an interview with James Comey. Excerpts from the interview have already been made public.
It did not take less for trigger the presidential ire. By revealing to have imagined before the 2016 election that the democrat Hillary Clinton was going to win, James Comey, the former boss of the FBI and the pet peeve of the American president, did not fail to attract the wrath of the latter. Donald Trump answered him, Sunday, April 15 in the morning, in a series of furious tweet.
“He made his decisions thinking that she was going to win and he wanted a job . Scum! ” , notably wrote the president on his network social predatory, reusing an insult already made this week against the former director of the police federal government, which he brutally dismissed in May 2017. “We will remember James Comey the slimy, a man who always ends badly and a crazy (he is not smart!), As the EIRP Director of the FBI in the history , from afar ! ” he still tweeted.
The reason for this fury? Mr. Comey’s comments on ABC TV on the investigation FBI on Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server when she was Secretary of State. Excerpts from a long-awaited interview, which should be released in full Sunday night by ABC, were made public in advance.
Make Clinton’s victory more legitimate
The former first cop of the country revealed that his decision to announce, eleven days before the election, the reopening of this investigation was motivated by his desire to make so that the expected victory of the Democratic candidate is perceived as legitimate by the public.
“I do not remember thinking that consciously, but that must have been the case, because I was working in a world where Hillary Clinton was going beat Donald Trump, and so I’m sure it was a factor ” , did he declare. “She was going to be elected president of the United States, and if I hid” the reopening of the investigation “To the American people, she would be seen as illegitimate as soon as it came out after her election” explained Mr. Comey, describing his state of mind at the time.
These statements are consistent with a passage from his memoirs to look Tuesday. In this book, he writes that it is possible that his concern for the legitimacy of Mrs. Clinton’s election, then given by pollsters and observers, had “More weight than if the election seemed tight or if Donald Trump had been ahead” .
An unflattering portrait of Trump
The 300-page book titled “A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership” ( “Lies and truths” for the French edition) draws an unflattering portrait of the Republican billionaire, who multiplied this week the bloodshed against its author. The reports of the exchanges between the two men, described by Mr. Comey as worthy of a meeting you mafia, seem to have particularly displeased the president.
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“I never asked Comey for her personal loyalty. I hardly know him. Another one of his many lies » he tweeted Sunday morning.
Hillary Clinton has not yet reacted to the latest revelations from Mr Comey, she who had explained believe that the announcement of the reopening of the investigation on his emails, in a letter made public, had played a role in his defeat in the presidential election.
“After the letter from Comey, my momentum has been stopped” she had said on public radio NPR in late 2017. “My numbers in the polls dropped, and we struggled to make them ride up , and we were running out of time. ” At the time, the decision of the head of the federal police appeared as policy , some wondering if he was not anti-Clinton.
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