Former finalists The smartest person compete against each other in online anniversary series | NOW

In honor of the twentieth season of The smartest person KRO-NCRV does not come up with one, but two series of the popular knowledge quiz. In addition to the regular episodes, there is also a special online series, in which sixteen former finalists compete against each other.

Other than in the regular series playing in The smartest person: All Stars per episode four instead of three candidates against each other. The winner of each episode will receive a spot in the final on Friday, August 19. The first episode of the five-part series will be published on NPO Start on 22 July.

The smartest person has been a ratings hit for years. The previous season was won by actor Jacob Derwig. Jan Rot, who lost the final in 2012, took part again in the last series. The singer and writer was terminally ill and one of his last wishes was to participate in the program again. This wish was granted by KRO-NCRV.

The regular series starts on July 11. As usual, both editions will be presented by Philip Freriks, assisted by jury member Maarten van Rossem.