Former footballer Ricardo Ciciliano passed away

At 43 years old, Ricardo Ciciliano, who was confined in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the La Asunción Clinic, passed away after relapsing to uon pneumoniasince he had already had it for 20 days in the same medical center during the month of August.

Some time after being discharged, Ciciliano felt bad again and He was rushed to La Asunción, where his health deteriorated, with serious respiratory difficulties, and there was a need to intubate him.

Ciciliano retired at the end of 2012 at Atlético Huila, after a long and successful career, which started at Deportivo Pereira in 1993.

In his 19 years as a footballer, Ciciliano wore the Junior jersey in two cycles, 2002 and 2009. He also played for Deportivo Pereira, Deportes Tolima, Bucaramanga, Deportivo Pasto, Deportes Quindío, Cali, Millonarios, Once Caldas, Juan Aurich (Peru), Uniautónoma FC and Atlético Huila.

He was linked to football as one of the assistants of the Atlantic teams. Last year, as Melquisedeth Navarro’s assistant, he was runner-up in the National Youth Tournament and a silver medal in the Bolívar-2019 National Games.

In his record as an active footballer – time in which he played more than 500 games and scored 121 goals – two Colombian leagues stand out, won with Deportivo Cali (2005) and Deportes Tolima (2003), and a Peruvian championship, with Juan Aurich (2011). He also had his highlight with Millonarios during the 2007 South American Cup., of which he was the top scorer with six goals and led his team to the semifinals, in which he was eliminated by América de México.

Ciciliano too He was part of the National Team that in 1993 won the South American under-17 in Colombia. In that team he shared a dressing room with Jorge Bolaño and was directed by DT Germán ‘Basílica’ González.

“Dimayor mourns the death of Ricardo Ciciliano, former Colombian professional soccer player. The clubs associated with the institution and the national football family send their condolences to family, friends and relatives at this difficult time, ”the Major Division of Colombian Soccer stated on Twitter.



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