Former Head of Bina Marga said that Azis Syamsuddin’s subordinates asked for an 8 percent fee commitment

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Former Head of Central Lampung Highways, Ahmad Taufik, admitted that he was asked to prepare a commitment fee 8 percent by Azis Syamsuddin’s confidant, Aliza Gunado.

“When I met Aliza, I was told that she could help take care of the DAK, there was a commitment fee 8 percent,” said Taufik at the Jakarta Corruption Court, Monday, November 1, 2021.

Taufik is a witness in the bribery case of former Corruption Eradication Commission investigator Stepanus Robin Pattuju. In this case, Robin Pattuju was charged with accepting bribes from former Deputy Speaker of the DPR, Azis Syamsuddin, and Golkar cadre, Aliza Gunado, amounting to Rp. 3 billion to Robin. The money was given to take care of the case that dragged Azis’ name at the KPK, namely the management of the Central Lampung Special Allocation Fund.

Taufik said that in 2017, Central Lampung submitted a DAK proposal for the 2017 Revised Regional Budget to the central government. Taufik prepared the proposal on the orders of the then Regent of Central Lampung, Mustafa.

Through a consultant named Darius, Taufik was introduced to Aliza because he was said to be able to help get additional DAK. During the meeting, Aliza stated that the conditions for obtaining additional DAK were to submit a proposal to the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Public Works, Bappenas, and DPRD, including Banggar DPR.

Aliza, said Taufik, also introduced himself as a confidant of Azis Syamsuddin. After that, Taufik also submitted a DAK proposal for Central Lampung amounting to Rp. 300 billion to Aliza.

Because the value of the application was too large, Taufik was advised to change the amount to Rp 130 billion. However, when Taufik went to the DPR, Azis Syamsuddin said that the amount of DAK approved was Rp. 25 billion. Thus, Taufik must also prepare a commitment fee of Rp 2 billion or 8 percent of the DAK amount.

Next, submission of commitment fee is done gradually. Taufik explained that the Section Head of the Central Lampung Highways Office at that time, Aan Riyanto, contacted other staff to prepare the money. “At that time, more than Rp 1.1 billion had been collected,” he said.

As for the source of the money, according to Taufik, as much as Rp 600 million came from project partners. The rest was loaned by Darius, the consultant who introduced him to Aliza. After that, said Taufik, his colleagues at the Bina Marga Office also provided a loan of Rp. 990 million to pay off the commitment fee the.

Until this news comes down, Weather has not received confirmation from Aliza Gunado regarding Ahmad Taufik’s statement.


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