Two men placed in police custody on Tuesday morning, June 30, because they were suspected of having helped a former Tunisian jihadist who fought in Syria to come clandestinely to Europe were released on Thursday, July 2, without being prosecuted, a have we learned from consistent sources.

In this investigation opened in October 2019, five men have already been indicted for “Criminal terrorist criminal association”, said a judicial source.

The two suspects were arrested in Paris and in Seine-Saint-Denis.

An ex-jihadist arrested in October in Villers-Cotterêts

The investigators wonder if they were aware of the jihadist profile of this Tunisian, or if they participated in a clandestine immigration network with wider contours, explained a source close to the file.

According to these sources, the investigations made it possible to identify a man who fought for IS in 2015 and who chose to emigrate to Europe, first to Germany, before relocating to France.

This Tunisian was arrested in October in Villers-Cotterêts (Aisne) by the Directorate General of Internal Security (DGSI) and has been imprisoned since.

The question of “ghosts”

On the sidelines of the question of “ghosts”, these French or residents in France who left to do jihad in the Iraqi-Syrian zone and back in France, internal security arrested two Syrian refugees in two other separate anti-terrorist cases, during of the past two years.

In January 2020, a thirty-something Syrian refugee with refugee status was arrested in connection with a large-scale search carried out by the DGSI in the Brest region. He is suspected of having been a member of the Islamic State organization.

The question of “ghosts” is crucial for the authorities. At the end of 2019, some 300 people had returned from the Iraqi-Syrian zone to around 1,300 parts of France. These ghosts however constitute a “Controlled threat”, estimated in 2019 the parliamentary delegation to the intelligence.


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