Former Management Reveals Reasons for the Khilafatul Muslimin Not Applying Pancasila


Khilafatul Muslimin is said to be against a legitimate government because it is not based on the Pancasila ideology in running its organization. The former administrator revealed the reason why the Khilafatul Muslimin did not teach the understanding of Pancasila values ​​to its members.

“We do admit, we did try to recruit friends yesterday underground so we don’t apply the values ​​of Pancasila,” said former Amir Khilafatul Muslimin Greater Bekasi Region, Djhonny Pahamsah alias Abu Salma, when met in Bekasi, Thursday (23/6/2022).

Because, said Abu Salma, many of its members are ‘people’ underground‘ which is anti-government. According to him, by being ‘neutral’, the Khilafatul Muslimin can prevent ‘people from underground‘ commit acts of radicalism.

“Because we see that some of our friends are anti-government. That’s why we facilitate neutrality so we can be close to them so we can recruit them and they don’t have different desires. For example, friends who are anti-Pancasila, undergroundaffiliated with ISIS,” he said.

“They are usually neutral if we don’t play practical politics, we are not too close to the government, we are easy to recruit. This is actually the vision and mission that we are pursuing,” he added.

Abu Salma also talked about why the Ukhuwwah Islamiyyah Islamic boarding school did not instill Pancasila values ​​into the students. In the future, he promised to change the education system at the Islamic boarding school.

“Because this is one nature, it ends up being carried away by the flow, there are no lessons. It was also conveyed yesterday regarding these visions and missions. And in the end, those who were already here did not receive that lesson. In the future we will change it,” he said.

Abu Salma dismissed the notion that the Khilafatul Muslims did not love the country. Abu claimed that the Khilafatul Muslimin had practiced defending the country.

“This is actually just a matter of not putting the flag up, seen as not love. This is indeed seen as miscommunication. Love for the country is love for the president, it doesn’t just mean raising the flag. We don’t complain about the president’s policy, it’s love. But sometimes there are different values, ” he said.

In addition, another reason for not teaching Pancasila to other state matters, namely because the concept of the foundation is a conventional Islamic boarding school.

Yesterday it was a modern legal entity, but we pushed it to free. That’s why no connect. That’s where it’s out of sync. I think if this is a traditional legal entity, if we have to teach the formal values ​​of the state, it becomes an order, we carry it out. But if traditional refers to tradition, it is not taught by the state,” he explained.

However, according to Abu, his party does not yet know about the provisions of conventional pesantren rules. Because, he said, the Ministry of Religion itself has not issued any technical regulations and implementation of this.

“I myself do not understand what traditional provisions are. The Ministry of Religion has not provided any job desk-his. What I know is that the Ministry of Religion has issued a tahfiz for the house of the Qur’an, but I also don’t understand the technicalities and how many lessons,” he said.

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