Noëlle Lenoir has his Parisian residence, Mayor of Valmondois and former Minister of European Affairs, in 2009. – Benaroch / SIPA

"The journalists of LCI attacked by the yellow vests are responsible for what they undergo," wrote Saturday the former Minister Noëlle Lenoir on Twitter.

Several journalists were taken part Saturday during act IX of the demonstrations of
"Yellow vests" in France and a security guard who accompanied a team of LCI was hit in Rouen.

Journalists "responsible" for the violence they endure

"They gave a platform at the air for violence, provocation to murder, insult and stupidity," she wrote on the same tweet, calling for a shields.

This Sunday, the one who is now a lawyer for the firm Kramer Levin clarified his words. "Those who think that I legitimize violence and do not defend the #FreePresse (see my gallery below) have not understood my concern to bring back the #GJ to their real size to protect the #journalists who are victims ".

In early January, Noëlle Lenoir had already targeted the coverage of "yellow vests" made by the media.

A video broadcast by the regional daily Paris Normandy shows this agent, who accompanied a colleague with two journalists from the news channel, being surrounded and beaten by several people, some wearing a yellow vest, while he was on the ground. In Paris, a team of journalists from LCI was also attacked by some protesters and a journalist thrown to the ground before being protected by other protesters, said an AFP journalist.

On the government side, the reaction is very different. The Minister of Culture Franck Riester denounced on Twitter an "ignoble lynching" in Rouen. The spokesman of the government Benjamin Grivaux, he, pushed a "blow of jaw" on the social network: "For weeks teams of journalists are taken apart and undergo violence on the part of demonstrators everywhere in France".


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