Former movie stars who have become unrecognizable over the years

Most of the following actors now live in retreat, not lying under the surgical knife countless times, just trying to grow old with dignity. However, the time was not gracious to them, even today they cannot be known. Some struggled with a serious illness that prevented them from recovering later, while others became obese and left for good. Many of the following stars are already living in a civilian way, but some are still trying to thrive in their profession today.

Kelly McGillis

The second part of the Top Gun is already taking over in cinemas, with the old protagonist Tom Curise in the lead role. Many missed the blonde actress for whom millions of men had once admired him. The first part was shown in 1986, when McGillis was only 27 years old. He has since retired from filming and doesn’t mind at all. The actress honestly told her why she thought the creators of Top Gun didn’t come back to the jump. “I’m old, I’m fat, and I look age-appropriate, and there’s no need for that in this profession … I’d rather feel absolutely safe in my skin and know who and what I am …” Entertainment Tonight back in 2019.

Kelly McGillis in the 1986 film Top GunSource: HIP / Northfoto
Kelly McGillis these daysSource: Instagram

Brendan Fraser

The former heartbreaker is no longer recognizable today. His career soared in the early 2000s and he received many invitations. His best-known portrayal was in the film trilogy The Mummy, after which he was given decisive roles and then slowly faded from the public consciousness. He later confessed that the plethora of work and the private plagues that befell him had knocked him off his feet, he had only been to the hospital for many years, he had been operated on several times. The former charming actor is now a tummy middle-aged man who sees the ordeal. Nevertheless, he is ready to return to the world of films, has taken on several roles since 2019 and will appear in increasingly important productions. On the one hand, Martin Scorsese will make his debut western drama, Killers of the Flower Moon, in November this year, starring Leonardo Di Caprio and Robert De Niro, among others. We can also see Fraser in a comedy starring Glenn Close and Peter Dinklage.

Brendan Fraser A mummy in a scene and nowadaysSource: AFP

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