Former national player Tsveti Stoyanova miraculously survived an accident in Sofia

Former gymnast Tsvetelina Stoyanova and Elizabeth Metodieva were injured in an accident in Sofia. The incident happened on the evening of April 28 at a busy intersection in the capital, when the two women were leaving Miro’s concert.

Metodieva was driving the car when a 20-year-old driver rear-ended their car, passing a red light at the intersection at “G.M. Dimitrov” and “Dragan Tsankov” in “Musagenitsa”. The girls hit their heads in the accident, and Stoyanova was taken to “Pirogov”.

We drove slowly, we even joked that along “Tsarigradsko” we were moving at 40 km/h. At the intersection of “G.M. Dimitrov” and “Dragan Tsankov” we passed a green traffic light, but at that moment I saw a car coming towards us, which was going through a red traffic light. I hit the gas hard and that might have saved us. The boy who hit us is 20 years old. It was a very strong and heavy blow. My car is a total loss,” said Metodieva in “Na kafe” on NOVA.

“The policemen at the scene told us that we were one second away from the most tragic thing. It’s good that I gave more gas so that it hit the back of my car…”, added the journalist.

“Tsveti was taken to Pirogov, she is now at home. We both hit our heads, she harder. I was examined at the District Hospital,” added the journalist, who hopes to stop the war on the roads and for drivers to drive their cars you are at an appropriate speed.

I have no memory of what happened, said the former gymnast.

“I felt a strong pain in my head, I have a slight concussion on my head. The stress was greater than the pain. For the third day I have been in our house,” Tsveti Stoyanova said.

Elizabeth shared that she had a nightmare about the crash on the second night.

We remind you that a few days before the European Championship in 2016, Tsveti Stoyanova fell from the sixth floor of her block in Nadezhda district. Grace was urgently admitted to Pirogov, where she recovered for a long time.

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