Pakistan's former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his daughter Maryam spent their first night in the high security prison of Adiala in Rawalpindi, and the two VIP convicts were housed in "B" class facilities, media reports said one day after their arrest.

National Accountability Bureau officials arrested Sharif, 68, and Maryam, 44, in the Avenfield detention center shortly after they arrived at Lahore Airport from London via Abu Dhabi. They were flown to Islamabad by a special aircraft and then taken to Adiala Prison in separate armored personnel carriers accompanied by police convoys.

According to a new plan, the authorities have decided to leave the former prime minister and his daughter in Adiala prison in the garrison town, where they were provided with class B facilities, The News reported.

According to a statement by the Islamabad administration, they have called a rest house at the Sihala Police Training College in the capital as a sub-prison to keep the two figures with immediate effect and until further notice.

However, geo-sources cited that the authorities have decided to keep them for the time being in Adiala Prison.

A team of doctors conducted the medical examination of Sharif and his daughter Maryam in the presence of the Islamabad judge and senior police officer in Adiala Prison, and declared her healthy.

In the meantime, the Department of Law and Justice has released a new report stating that the accountability tribunal would be handling two more corruption cases, including Flagship Investments and Al Azizia Steel Mills, against Sharif and others in Adiala Prison.

Accountability Court Islamabad Judge Muhammad Bashir, who issued arrest warrants for the arrest of the threefold prime minister and political heir last night, will hold the trial of the Sharifs in jail, the report said.

According to the rules, class B consists of prisoners who are used to a better way of life due to their social status, education or lifestyle. Habitual prisoners can be inducted into this class on government orders, the news reported.

It is learned that prisoners of the A or B class are usually trained in class C and give lessons. They do no hard work and can do useful work, which in their case is defined as a rigorous punishment.

The class A and B prison room is normally equipped with: a cot, a chair, a teapot, a lantern when there is no electric light, a shelf and the necessary washing and sanitary facilities.

Expenditure on A- or B-class detention facilities such as television, air conditioning, refrigerators and newspapers is normally paid by prisoners with the permission of the prison department, the report added.

Both Sharif and Maryam were sentenced to 10 and 7 years in prison, respectively, by an accountability tribunal.

Sharif was disqualified by the Supreme Court last year in the case of Panama Papers.

Sharif has been one of the country's leading politicians for the last 30 years. He remains popular, especially in Punjab, the most populous and choosiest province.


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