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LIMA (AP) – Former Peruvian President Martín Vizcarra entered a gigantic state center for the temporary treatment of COVID-19 patients on Thursday after being infected for the second time in the middle of a third wave that has hit the country since the beginning of 2022.

While he was president (2018-2020) Vizcarra assigned a set of seven towers of up to 20 floors in Lima to house more than 2,700 beds for patients recovering from COVID-19 in the midst of the hospital collapse. The set of buildings is called “Pan American Village” because in 2019 it housed some 10,000 athletes who participated in the Pan American Games held in Lima.

Vizcarra, a 58-year-old civil engineer, indicated on his Twitter account on Thursday that “I have returned to the Pan American Village. Before I came as president participating since its construction, now I come as a patient who seeks to safeguard his health and take care of his family ”.

Vizcarra announced the day before that he was infected for the second time with COVID-19. In April 2021 he had been infected for the first time. The ex-president sent a notarized letter to the current Minister of Health, Hernando Cevallos, asking him to apply the second and third doses that millions of Peruvians have already received.

“I have a headache, a sore throat, general malaise, sweating. I have the same symptoms that I had in April of last year, “he said in a video released Wednesday on his social networks.

Vizcarra received one dose from the pharmaceutical company Pfizer in 2021 and earlier two doses of a vaccine candidate from the Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinopharm that was secretly applied in 2020 while he was president and the laboratory was conducting its phase three trial of its future vaccine. The discovery of the event allowed us to know that other officials, businessmen and even the diplomatic representative in Peru of Pope Francis had also been vaccinated in a hidden way.

The government of President Francisco Sagasti, who ruled until July 2021 after Vizcarra was removed from office in November 2020, removed him from the list of Peruvians entitled to receive the vaccine. Vizcarra also cannot leave Peru to get vaccinated in another country because he is prevented from leaving justice while he is being investigated in a preliminary way for an alleged case of corruption.

The new management of Pedro Castillo, who succeeded Sagasti, has not yet ruled on whether or not it will vaccinate former President Vizcarra.

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