Former President Santos receives the international award ‘Memory for Democracy and Peace’

The former president and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Juan Manuel Santos, will receive a new international award, ‘Memory for Democracy and Peace’ during the Nador Film Festival in Morocco.

This recognition was instituted since 2016 and in its fourth edition it will be awarded to Santos. According to Colprensa, some of the main objectives of the Foundation are to support the values ​​of tolerance and the strengthening of cooperation between the peoples and cultures of the world.

The president of the Center, Abdeslam Bouteyeb, indicated that the award is given to any individual or group entity with extensive experience in favor of human rights, democracy, peace and tolerance in different areas.

For its part, the Common Memory Center for Democracy and Peace (Cmcdp) mediates the principle of coexistence between peoples, cultures and individuals as well as fights for the reduction of religious, linguistic and identity differences. Additionally, the Cmcdp is in charge of promoting the resolution of conflicts and differences through dialogue, communication and interaction.


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