Former PSI Politician Sends Birthday Bouquets for Anies Baswedan

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Birthday wreaths for DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan lined up at City Hall, Central Jakarta today. One of the senders was former PSI politician Viani Limardi.

“Happy birthday Mr. Anies Rasyid Baswedan,” reads the writing on the bouquet of flowers from Viani Limardi.

This member of the DKI Jakarta DPRD sent two flowers which were combined into one big flower. Viani flower board background in red. Pictures of two National Monuments (Monas) are also visible next to the words ‘Happy Birthday’.

From Tempo’s observation, there was also a wreath from the 2019-2024 DKI Jakarta Kwarda Chairperson, Fadjar Panjaitan. The former DKI Regional Secretary hopes that Anies will always advance and be successful.

Two flower senders from Sorong City, West Papua did not want to be left behind. The head of the Imekko Tribe Ibrahim Wugaje and a man named Victor Imanuel Gunadhi prayed for Anies to become president in 2024.

“May the trust be RI 1,” said Victor.

Birthday wreath for DKI Governor Anies Baswedan at City Hall from Papuan Imekko Tribe Chief Ibrahim Wugaje, Monday 9 May 2022. Photo TEMPO/Lani Diana

Anies received birthday flowers from various regions in Indonesia. For example from Solo, Batam, Makassar, Cirebon, Medan, and Pontianak. Then the sender from the Chinese Indonesian Association to the Indonesian Pentecostal Churches Association (PGPI).

Anies turned 53 years old on May 7, 2022. On his birthday, the former Minister of Education and Culture launched the construction of Kampung Susun Bayam, North Jakarta.

The next activity is watching the Persija Jakarta friendly match at the Jakarta International Stadium (JIS). Anies received a birthday cake from the management of Persija Jakarta and The Jakmania.

The names of Anies Baswedan, together with Prabowo Subianto and Ganjar Pranowo, are the three strongest names for the presidential candidates in the upcoming 2024 presidential election. A number of surveys have included Anies in the simulation of the 2024 presidential candidate. A number of circles have tried to pair him with the chairman of the Democratic Party, Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono.

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