Former Russian football star Shirokov beats referee in amateur match – Football –

Roman Shirokov, a 39-year-old player who has finished his professional career, also took part in yesterday’s amateur tournament match. He played 57 games for the Russian national team, also playing in the Euro 2016 final, and scored 13 goals for the national team. He represented the St. Petersburg Zenit team for several years, winning the UEFA Cup in 2008. In yesterday’s match, Shirokov was very angry about the referee’s decision not to give the pendulum after he was knocked down in the penalty area, and he ran into the referee and began to protest aggressively. The referee showed him the red card, and Shirokov completely lost his temper. He knocked the referee to the ground with a strong blow to his face and started kicking him in the leg, and was soon stopped with the help of his teammates. This morning, Shirokov apologized on social networks for his actions, regretting what was done and wishing the judge good health. The organizers of the amateur tournament have publicly stated that Shirokov’s crime will also come to the attention of the authorities and he may face criminal punishment for physical assault, causing serious bodily injury. Shirokov has already been excluded from all Russian TV “Match TV” projects in which he has participated as an expert.



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