Former son-in-law of Berezovsky denied the article of The Sun about the attempt on him

Former son-in-law of Berezovsky denied the article of The Sun about the attempt
 on him

British businessman Georgy Schuppe denied that his hospitalization in December 2017 was connected with an attempted assassination attempt, and the police simply hushed up the case. Previously, this version put forward The Sun

George Shuppe (Photo: Dominic Lipinski / AP)

The former son-in-law of Boris Berezovsky, businessman Georgy Shuppe, told RBC that his hospitalization in December 2017 was not connected with any attempts to assassinate him. Earlier, the newspaper The Sun wrote about the investigation of the attempted assassination attempt on Schutte.

“There nothing happened, related to what was written in the newspaper. There were complications due to illness, and I got to the hospital. Yes, there was the police, they were trying to find something. They did not find anything, “he said.

According to Shuppe, the publication of The Sun – part of the “general panic” because of the situation with the Violin. “They decided to stir up everyone,” the businessman explained.

“I live, I bring up my children and I feel calm. If something happens to me, then only in a natural way. Already learned and resist, and protect themselves, “- said the businessman.

The press service of the British police in Surrey on the request of RBC said that the incident with the hospitalization of a man at the age of about 40 years is not considered suspicious. “On Friday, December 15, 2017, a man at the age of about 40 years from Oxkshott was hospitalized. The police were notified of this, “police said.

The press service stressed that as part of the investigation, the police now believe that this was an “unsuspecting episode related to the health” of the man. “No detentions have been made in this incident,” the county police added.

Previously, the British newspaper The Sun published an article in which it was suggested that Shuppe was poisoned by order from Russia, because three months before his illness, the judge refused to grant the Russian authorities a request for his extradition on “a fabricated murder charge.” The version of Shuppe’s poisoning was confirmed by one of the businessman’s bodyguards and one of his relatives. They both wanted to remain anonymous.

The Sun, with reference to the neighbors, claimed that the authorities had hushed up the December incident. According to the newspaper, the police worked out the version that the businessman was assassinated, and his “killer” came to the house by car. Dozens of policemen worked on the case, forensic experts worked in the Schute house for a week.

However, after the investigation decided that Shutte was hospitalized for medical reasons, the case was closed.

On Monday, March 12, British Prime Minister Teresa May declared in parliament that Russia with “high probability” is responsible for poisoning the former intelligence officer GRU Sergey Skripal and his daughter Julia in Salisbury. According to her, Skripal was poisoned by Russia’s developed nerve agent, which belongs to the Novichok group of substances. The definition of the substance involved “the world’s leading experts from the Defense Science and Technology Laboratory” (agency under the British Ministry of Defense), added May.

In the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, called “circus show in the British Parliament” .

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