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Former Swansea City and Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers in crisis at Celtic, but why unravel everything?

The former Celtic striker Chris Sutton was live on BBC 5 this week and talked to Brendan Rodgers.

"The manager has to take responsibility – the bottom line, too many players are not up to par, they have not scored enough goals, and since Brendan comes out and says he's alerted, that's alarming," he said her 2-1 defeat to Kilmarnock on Sunday.

"There are an incredible number of weeks for him.

"I will handle the League Cup match on Wednesday and it can unravel everything very quickly."

Rangers, their fierce rivals under the leadership of Steven Gerrard, are above them in the table. It's the worst start to a campaign in 20 years.

Rodgers has doubled the hoops and completed an invincible season; You would think that he would buy him some time. That clearly did not do it.

Why is everything untangled for the man Swansea wanted to bring back to South Wales in the summer of 2016?

See what happened in Liverpool in the last few months, when everything that was once stable began to crumble around it?

A summer of dissatisfaction

The Dedryck Boyata saga dominated the summer

Before we look at this season, the summer has to be investigated.

Celtic had a frightening transfer window – something that Swansea City fans will empathize with – as Sutton points out.

Defender Dedryck Boyata dominated the summer; The Belgian was keen to go to Fulham, but everything became a little ugly with reports indicating that the International refused to train.

"It is his responsibility more than anyone else because he (Rodgers), in my opinion, blackened this situation with Boyata," added Sutton.

"You messed up the transfer window royally, the boyata stuff was really unappetizing, my feeling is that they should get rid of it.

"He did everything and Celtic was eliminated from the Champions League by AEK Athens and if Boyata had played they would have had a chance."

The Moussa Dembele saga also had a negative effect. The striker eventually came to Lyon for £ 20m, but Rodrigs was faced with headaches from radiating dirty laundry in public that he could have done without.

"They can not let your top striker go on without anyone coming to replace him, we need three forwards." He went anyway, leaving Rodgers in an awkward position indeed.

They failed to annoy Swansea goal Scott McKenna of Aberdeen as well. It was a disaster.

This season starts with a whimper

Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers and players appear defeated at the end of Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership Match at Rugby Park, Kilmarnock.

After six lost games, Celtic is sixth on 10 points, with Hearts, Rangers, Hibs, Livingston and Kilmarnock over them.

The season may be young, but they have already lost eight points.

In Rodgers' first season, they lost eight points over the entire campaign.

There is no question Celtic are in a cucumber.

The same dynamics did not exist this season and they have scored only six goals in the league.

For the first time in his Celtic career Rodgers comes to criticism. But the fact that he himself fanning the flames indicates that there is a deeper problem in Parkhead.

What did he say?

Brendan Rodgers is a man under pressure

The lowest point of his previous Celtic career was the defeat last Sunday.

"If you're a big club, demand is there to win," he told BBC Scotland.

"In the last few years, we have done very well and played in a style that represents the club, it was not the same, but we have to work to make it better.

"It's a bad result for us, but we have to go now and take our meds and prepare for Wednesday [a Scottish League Cup quarter-final trip to St Johnstone], "

When asked if Celtic fans should be alerted, Rodgers replied, "Yes, I think they should do it."

The expert opinion

A big thing for any manager to admit that.

Darren Cooney of the Daily Record records the story here.

"It could just have been openness, an assumption of two defeats and a six-game draw just is not good enough," he told Rodgers Killie after the game comments.

"But in general, a manager of Rodgers caliber and intellect rarely makes comments.

"It's almost always considered a message for someone." Indeed, when the Irishman was first asked by the BBC, there was a pause, a moment when Rodgers took the time to answer to make sure that his answer perfectly reflected his view.

"When Rodgers said that the fans should be alerted, he meant it, but nobody can guess who it was aimed at."

Defiant Rodgers

Brendan Rodgers is defiant

At his press conference on Tuesday, Rodgers came out and swung claims by Kilmarnock man Kris Boyd that the Celtic dressing room was shared.

The Irishman said, "If teams lose games, as the logic was and still is, there is a split in the locker room.

"Sometimes there is no plan B – that's another charge – for us we are very united as a club, we set high standards, but we are very close together."

"We have set such a high standard in recent seasons, yes, we did not start as well in our season as we wanted, but we are very close together.

"Kris is probably best placed to join the Kilmarnock team to play and we'll focus on our own job here."

Rodgers had a message to the supporters.

"My message is that I'm privileged to be here," he said.

"I love my work here, I love my challenges here, I'm looking forward to the next stage of the season to show our fighting skills.

"I take full responsibility for our two defeats.

"I made a lot of changes to these games, maybe I did too many.

"We may not have much choice right now, but it's my responsibility to get the team involved."

What happens next?

Former Celtic striker Ian Wright says he would not be surprised if Rodgers left now.

"I'm not sure what more, with all due respect for Celtic, he can do it now," he said.

"If he was sent away and he came out and said & # 39; I feel like I've taken her as far as possible, I've got two triplets," he could probably use that to say he had one wants a new challenge.

"You can see it and no matter what you say, he can let the teams play well, he would be sought after."

Will Rodgers go? As Wright says, he will not lack admirers. But he has raised the bar so ridiculously, how can he ever meet them again north of the border?

However, he has a great job in the here and now, as Sutton has suggested.

He added, "Rodgers has proved he's a top coach, but this season has been bad, standards have fallen on his watch on and off the field, and this must serve as a wake-up call for Brendan, once again showing his value "



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