Former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Hands Over Whatsapp Messages to Investigative Committee

Dhe former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to hand over his Whatsapp messages from the time of the corona pandemic directly to an investigative committee. The British news agency PA reported on Friday, citing a letter from the conservative politician to the panel.

Johnson is bypassing the current government of his party colleague Rishi Sunak (Prime minister). Until recently, she had refused to hand over the former Prime Minister’s correspondence with government employees and cabinet colleagues without censorship. Despite threats of criminal prosecution, she missed a deadline set by the investigative committee on Thursday and announced that she would go to court. But that now seems pointless.

With the move, Johnson continues on a confrontational course with the government. This has to fear that the Whatsapp correspondence will also contain messages from Sunak and other ministers that could damage their public image. Johnson, on the other hand, has little to lose. He was forced to resign from the post of prime minister last summer due to ongoing scandals. However, he is said to have ambitions to return to the top of the government.

The corona investigation, led by former judge Lady Heather Hallett, is intended to deal with the controversial handling of the corona pandemic under Johnson.

That in London itself important agreements within the government per Whatsapp done has been an open secret for a long time. Content from more than 100,000 Whatsapp messages from former Health Secretary Matt Hancock only became public in March and left him in need of explanation.

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2023-06-02 13:29:13

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