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Former Vice-President of Firefox talked about Google’s tactics against competing browsers

The company allegedly used dishonest methods of struggle during cooperation with Mozilla.

Former Firefox Vice President Jonathan Nightingale, on his Twitter page, described how his team faced a battle from Google. According to him, Chrome browser developers have taken away the audience of competitors with the help of regular failures.

Google was a standard search engine in Firefox and paid for it to browser developers. Exclusive collaboration was beneficial to both parties: Mozilla developed the browser, and Google – the search engine. However, in 2008, the corporation launched its own Chrome browser and relations between the companies deteriorated, Nightingale recalls.

“Companies continued to work together, and Google assured them that they were“ on the same side ”with Mozilla,” notes Jonathan Nightingale. However, despite company announcements, Google Chrome ads began to appear alongside Firefox search queries, and Gmail and Google Docs services showed errors when opening in a competing browser. In addition, Mozilla Firefox did not open demo sites due to "incompatibility".

According to Nightingale, all these methods have the right to exist in a competitive environment between browsers, but Mozilla and Google were still search partners, so the actions of the corporation raised questions. In the meantime, Google claimed that failures arose due to misunderstandings, and each time they promised to correct the situation within a couple of weeks.

Nightingale indicates that there were "tens and hundreds" of such misunderstandings. “They could have been explained by Google’s incompetence, but I don’t believe that Google is so incompetent,” he notes. As a result, Mozilla was losing users and wasting effort on troubleshooting instead of improving its product.

In 2014, Yandex and Yahoo changed Google as their default search in Firefox in some regions. Mozilla has a five-year partnership agreement. However, in 2017, Verizon bought out Yahoo. In turn, Mozilla terminated the agreement unilaterally, and Google became the default search engine again.

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