Formerly Hobby Destroys Idols, Now The Taliban Take Care Of Buddha Statues For China


In the past, the Taliban had the hobby of destroying statues because they were considered idols. Now they are desperately guarding Buddha statues in the interior of Afghanistan for the sake of China. What’s up?

The Taliban is known for its hard understanding of Islam. They will not hesitate to destroy idols that are considered idols and have the potential to associate with God.

But that was before, now the Taliban are no longer destroying ancient Buddhist statues in the interior of Afghanistan. They even kept it from being looted by artifact thieves and idol destroyers.

A number of Taliban soldiers armed with long barrels were seen standing guard at a site of an ancient Buddha statue made of terracotta. They did that so that China would look at the archaeological site and be interested in investing there.

Reporting from the AP, Monday (28/3/2022) the Taliban government ordered its troops to guard the Mes Aynak site from the hands of ignorant people. In addition to storing Buddha statues, apparently underground the site contains abundant copper.

The copper content at the Mes Aynak site is believed to be one of the largest in the world. The Taliban hopes that Chinese investors will step in and inject billions of dollars into Afghanistan, which is beset by poverty.

“Protecting the site is very important to us as well as China. We know this site is very important to our country,” said Hakumulah Mubariz, the Taliban’s head of security at the site.

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In 2008, the Afghan government under Hamid Karzai managed to secure a 30-year contract with a Chinese joint venture company called MCC. The company was granted the rights to extract high-quality copper from Mes Aynak.

Studies at that time showed Mes Aynak has a potential copper content of 12 million tons. However, due to various problems, the project was abandoned. China also left Afghanistan in 2014.

The Taliban’s director of foreign relations, Ziad Rashidi, also tried to approach the Chinese consortium again so that they could return to Afghanistan and explore Mes Aynak.

Photo Mes Aynak Site: (AP)

Several policies are ready to be renegotiated, tax stimulus, and royalty cuts have also been provided by the Afghan government to attract Chinese investors. But so far everything is still in the discussion stage.

“Chinese companies see the current situation as quite ideal for them. There are no international competitors and the government’s support is very large,” concluded Rashidi.

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