Formula 1 | Binotto: FIA should allow more engines in F1 season

During the last Grand Prix at Monza, and as was also the case in Belgium, almost half of the drivers were penalized for changing engines and this made it very difficult to read the starting grid, especially for less spectators. initiated to Formula 1.

Each driver has an allocation of three power units for an entire season, but it seems very difficult, if not almost impossible, to respect this quota without taking the slightest penalty over an entire year, as we have seen very recently. .

But then what can be done to prevent this type of confusing situation from repeating itself in the future? Mattia Binotto goes with his proposal: the FIA ​​should allow the use of more engines over a season while making it clearer the application of penalties, which can take a very long time to be applied due to their complexity.

“The reason it took so long to figure out the grid is because there are definitely different interpretations and the rules aren’t clear enough,” believes the director of Scuderia Ferrari.

“It’s something we have to sort out for the future. And not just about how to apply grid penalties, I also think there are way too many.”

“I think it’s hard for a fan to understand why the car that took pole position doesn’t start in the lead due to penalties. So maybe the allocation of three power units per driver doesn’t is not enough. It is something that we will have to reconsider for the next seasons.”