Formula 1 – Pierre Gasly: ​​”One of the best drivers” extends at AlphaTauri – but what happens afterwards?

“He is definitely one of the best and most competitive drivers in Formula 1 and has demonstrated his skills throughout the time he has been with us,” Tost continued.

Gasly already has a valid contract with Red Bull, which expires in 2023. How the French will then continue is unclear, since the door to promotion to Red Bull is definitely closed with the contract extension with Sergio Pérez until 2024. As such, Gasly will be linked with a move to another team once his contract expires.

At the end of the 2017 season, Gasly made his debut for the then Toro Rosso team and has been loyal to the racing team ever since – apart from half a year with the parent team Red Bull, after which he was demoted back to the junior racing team.

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Since then, however, he has attracted attention with strong performances and has already been able to climb onto the podium three times. His moment of glory came in the 2020 Italian Grand Prix, when he celebrated his first and only Grand Prix victory to date.

“I’m proud of the journey we’ve had together and the progress we’ve made,” Gasly summarized the past five years.

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