Forster, fans, FCK: This is how Kaiserslautern celebrated its promotion heroes – football

1. FC Kaiserslautern is back in the 2nd Bundesliga and euphorically celebrated Wednesday’s promotion. The successful team, thousands of fans and a very special guest were there.

“I only know something like that from television,” said Boris Tomiak in an interview with SWR Sport on the stage in Kaiserslautern. Euphoric, incredulous and sometimes not just drunk with victory, the 1. FC Kaiserslautern team celebrated promotion to the 2nd Bundesliga together with the fans on Wednesday.

The promotion celebrations had already begun on Wednesday afternoon – but neither the fans nor the team showed any signs of fatigue in the face of success. At the party on Stiftsplatz, Terrence Boyd and René Klingenburg came on stage with cigars, Mike Wunderlich brought an XXL bottle of whiskey and passed it on to the fans in the audience. Players and fans not only presented themselves with the lyrics of the songs of their own curve, they also celebrated with the performance of musician and FCK fan Mark Forster.

“This celebration was the icing on the cake”

“We’re really looking forward to the 2nd Bundesliga,” said captain Jean Zimmer. “We’re facing really cool opponents now.” And: “This celebration today was the icing on the cake for the last few weeks.” Prime Minister Malu Dreyer (SPD) also congratulated the FCK, who had made the ascent with “huge willpower, a lot of passion”. “I’m looking forward to the games in the 2nd Bundesliga for the fans, the city and the region and personally,” she said.

Lauterer managed to get promoted on Tuesday evening with a 2-0 win in the relegation second leg at Dynamo Dresden. The players also paid tribute to ex-coach Marco Antwerpen, who was briefly on leave from the relegation games and replaced by Dirk Schuster. “Marco Antwerpen, you are the best man,” sang the team on stage.


1. FC Kaiserslautern celebrates promotion to the 2nd Bundesliga in the relegation against Dynamo Dresden. Dive back into 24 eventful years since 1998 with SWR Sport.

Goodbye Sadness

Midfield player Mike Wunderlich made it clear where FCK wants to go in the future: “The club doesn’t belong in the 3rd division and also not in the 2nd division. We’ve at least taken the first step,” said the veteran and briefly thanked him Antwerp, who was released before the relegation: “The coach did a great job, and so did the new coach.” For the Palatinate, a four-year period of suffering ended in third division sadness. “The team always believed in their chance,” said Schuster and also thanked Antwerp: “Today we completed what he had prepared.”