The most popular video game in the world works with the most popular sport in the USA. The goal? Make unimaginable amounts.

NFL players have spent the past few seasons mimicking "Fortnite" dances and other animations in the end zone, such as Colts tight end Eric Ebron is "crushed and revived" by his teammates before making a festive dance, Now Fortnite is pleased to welcome all 32 teams participating in NFL themed skins available this Friday at the game's Item Shop at 7:00 am. ET.

"We see Fortnite's popularity at the NFL every day as many of our players love the game passionately," said Brian Rolapp, the NFL's senior media and business officer. "This partnership is a great opportunity for millions of NFL fans who are Fortnite players to express their fandom within the game while exposing our brand to countless others."

Heads up: This does not mean that Fortnite opens a new NFL theme store. The NFL skins work like all other skins in the roulette of the article shop, said an Epic Games spokesman. The item shop of the game is updated every day to circulate new skins, dances and items for the player. This means that some skins have become "rare" because the developer Epic Games does not go through the skin often enough.

Epic Games also can not confirm how long the NFL skins will be available or whether they would return after being released on Friday.

The NFL uniforms are bought like all other "Fortnite" skins, the currency of the game is called V-Bucks, which can be purchased both by playing and directly. For example, $ 500 costs $ 4.99. Many of the game's most sought-after skins cost $ 12 to $ 15. And so Epic Games can allegedly take in 318 million dollars in one month, although "Fortnite" is a free game.

This is just the latest in the NFLs long hug of the hugely popular game, which offers 78.3 million players a month. It also stands in stark contrast to the open NHL that the game is a "big distraction" for its players.

In a May blog post, the NFL celebrates "Why Fortnite has conquered the NFL dressing rooms".

In addition to the uniforms, there are football emotes, harvesters, gliders and a referee outfit.

This is not the first professional sport with "Fortnite". Last summer, the game celebrated the World Cup with new skins and other cosmetics. At that time, each World Cup Skin cost $ 1,200 ($ 12). The skins for the World Cup were available for a very limited time.

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