Fortnite does not stop launching new content for its Battle Royale. These are the challenges of the week 6 of the season 6, know here how to complete them, especially that of the traps. Epic Games challenges you to the following:

Challenges for all:

Place the ice trap in different headings (0/3).
Find a chest in different locations with name (0/7).
Eliminations with shotguns (0/3) (DIFFICULT).

Battle Pass Challenges:

Land in different locations.
Deals damage to your opponents with a spike (0/250).
Find scores and pianos in different locations (DIFFICULT).
Eliminations with weapons of concrete rarity.

The first three are pretty easy. Just look in the chests for frozen traps and put them on the map, it is not necessary for someone to fall into it. As for the chests, we recommend deploying in a named area and find a chest immediately, repeat this process as many times as necessary to complete the challenge of Fortnite. Finally, you must kill with shotguns, something usual in the Battle Royale.

On the other hand, videogame It has special challenges for those who pay the Battle Pass. The first and the second is quite simple, but risky, you will surely die in the process so do not get frustrated with these.

As usual, Fortnite It brings you a fun and complicated challenge. In this case you should look for scores in different areas of the map and play them on a piano. Be very patient because this is one of the most difficult. Finally, get weapons of different oddities from the chests and eliminate your enemies, you can do in different games.



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