The weeks follow each other and are not necessarily alike for Fortnite, to the delight of his community. While the event nightmares has just come to an end and that the always so mysterious Cube just exploded, a new collaboration for skins unpublished has just been unveiled.

Epic Games comes no more and no less to announce a partnership between Fortnite and the NFL, the National Football League American, appreciated by some in Europe, but immensely popular in North America. Thus, from November 10 at 1am, it will be possible tobuy outfits inspired by those of athletes in the game store.

Each accoutrements acquired can be personalized with the colors of the 32 clubs involved in the championship, and even with those of an original team in the image of Battle Royale. You can even choose the number indicated on the back, why not to pay tribute to a particular player. decidedly Fortnite has not finished surprising us.

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