Fortnite: the contents of update 4.2

Fortnite: the contents of update 4.2

No need to present Fortnite, either its version PVE “Save the world” or the PVP “Battle Royale”, as the game has been talked about in recent months. One of the ingredients of its success: its weekly updates bringing more content, including yesterday’s.
Scheduled for Tuesday morning, this week’s update has been postponed to yesterday morning (Wednesday). In addition to the various fixes for bugs or problems encountered, this week’s update also brings several items: the gale assault rifle and apples.
For starters, the developers wanted to improve the damage of the silent gun. It now deals 20 damage instead of 17. Its precision reset speed has also been increased to 25%. In the same way, remotely controlled explosives have been improved: they now do damage to all structures (within reach, of course). The damage radius and range have been increased. The delay between two explosions goes from 0.25 to 0, 175 seconds. At the same time, an option now allows the automatic collection of items on the ground (provided they have a free space in their inventory).

But the update (as announced above) brought new items, including the burst assault rifle. It will be epic or legendary and should inflict 32 or 33 damage. He will use so-called “normal” ammunition. It will be available everywhere, either in the coffers, on the ground, in the various buildings or vending machines.
Just like the developers on PlayerUnkonwn’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), Fortnite also added the apples. The fruits will be on different trees of the map ‘, and once eaten, they will give the player 5 VPs (possible to accumulate to reach 100 HP).
As a reminder, Fortnite Battle Royale (PVP) is available for free on Playstation 4, PC (requires the launcher Epic Games), Xbox One, but also iOS. The Android version should soon arrive also.

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