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Fortnite Update 7.40 Patching Time, Overtime Problems, Downtime NEWS | Gaming | entertainment

TO UPDATE: Fortnite developer Epic Games has confirmed that Update 7.40 goes live.

According to an email from Epic Support, Update 7.40 will be available after a downtime on February 14 at 9:00 GMT.

ORIGINAL: Fortnite Version 7.40 is one of the hottest updates that has been in the game for a long time.

The changes to the storm plane, the loading time of the rocket launcher and the zip lines are very fond of the update 7.40 and the countdown to the release.

Unfortunately, however, Epic Games decided to postpone the last-minute update and there is no release yet.

"Due to a last-minute issue that we discovered in version 7.40, the update is delayed," said a tweet by Epic. "We give you a precise time to complete it."

It is likely that the update will fall at the same time as originally scheduled – 9 am GMT in the UK – but on February 14 instead of February 13.

Express Online will update this article as soon as the times are confirmed.

Epic Games will take the game offline due to server downtime and release patch notes as soon as update 7.40 is rescheduled.

The update will be a major update providing overtime challenges as part of the Share the Love Valentine's event.

The Cuddle Hearts Wrap is also part of the Share the Love event. All you have to do is enter a creator code into the Support A Creator section of the in-game store.

Next comes the new Stat Tracker, which will also be available for iOS and Nintendo Switch.

Stat Tracker V2. You can also track statistics on all platforms and check your stats in the game.

The Stat Tracker changes completely …

• The ability to track all your games in one place and view them on all platforms.

• All previously collected statistics are added and displayed in the game.

• There may be some minor edge cases where a small amount of data may be missing.

• All LTM statistics are summarized and tracked in a single tab. This means that all previously collected LTM statistics are moved from the Solo / Duo / Squad tab to the LTM tab.

• The exception to this are Large Team Mode LTMs. We do not track statistics in these game modes.

Epic Games has also listed some of the changes as 7.40.

Early patch notes confirm the release of the infantry rifle should have a classic design, but with a new fighting style.

Elsewhere, airplanes can no longer penetrate structures as the speed of the missile launcher has increased.

A prompt for interacting with ziplines will be added. Players can now squat in edit mode.

Fortnite Update 7.40 early patch notes in full …

• Aircraft can no longer break through structures

• The zipline interaction prompt has been added, and the use of a zipline provides immunity to crash damage

• The structural damage of the hand cannons has been reduced from 150 to 100

• The Turbo Build delay has been reduced from 0.15 seconds to 0.05 seconds

• The rocket launcher load time has been increased from 2.52 seconds to 3.24 seconds

• The ability to duck in edit mode has been added


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