Home Tech Fortnite will soon be adding Mounted Turrets

Fortnite will soon be adding Mounted Turrets

Fortnite Mounted turrets will be added soon to give players another way to defend their structures.

Appears in the messages of the message of the day displayed in Fortnite and a preview of what is to come, the assembled turrets were there for the first time, with a picture showing what they looked like and a description of the function of the item. Fortnite The players took part in the subreddit of the game to show the towers and to inform others who had not yet seen the news about what the towers look like and what they do.

"Place the Mounted Turret and jump in to use some suppressive fire!", It says in the description of the new item. "Careful, do not overheat."

Mounted Turret is coming soon! from r / FortNiteBR

While it is offensive because it is a double-barreled cannon mounted on a structure, it does appear that this item is more aimed at situations requiring extra defense, such as when players have a structural advantage over an opponent. Combine this item with a Port-a-Fort or pre-existing building claimed by the players as their own, and the Mounted Turret sounds like it's the perfect deterrent for anyone wanting to hurry a building.

The phrase about overheating the mounted tower also seems to indicate that it may have unlimited ammunition and there is only a risk of firing too many rounds simultaneously. It also raises the question of how the object works when it is planted and moved on the ground. It could be an item that players pick up in their rifles and keep between their weapons, but it also appears to be a possible outcome if found in the case of the trap.

Whether the players can pick them up and move them again and how hard it is to destroy them remains to be seen. The damage they do to enemies and their structures is also an important factor to consider when evaluating the position of the item in the game. It also raises the question of whether this item means anything for the minigun. An item that seems to work in a similar way to the Mounted Turret, though offering more mobility to its users. Several users within the thread discussed the possibility of arching the minigun, although this does not always appear to be happening as there are weekly challenges requiring the use of the minigun.

No release date has been specified for publication Fortnite Players can find the Mounted Turrets in their games, but are expected to be released in an upcoming update.



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