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Fortnite World Cup – Low participation on some servers makes cashprize too easy to reach

The cashprize has become too easily attainable in two regions especially for the Fortnite World Cup qualifications.

This Saturday morning started the first semifinals for qualifying at the Fortnite World Cup of Week 1 in Solo with the Oceania and Asia regions but at the end of the session, some noticed that players did not even need to play to qualify in the final, which is not really normal given all the cashprize that is reserved for the final.

So the player population is low in these areas, all places for the final have not even been taken while there is $ 1 million to be divided between all regions for this first week of qualifying. In addition, players can already recover $ 100 by placing in the Top 2000 in the region.

As a reminder, it was necessary to be at least classified in the division "Champion" (300 points) of the Arena mode to be able to participate in these qualifications for the Fortnite World Cup. And it seems that very few players from Oceania or Asia have managed to qualify.

In the end, players with 0 points on the semifinal managed to qualify for the final of this Sunday where they will have only a few points to achieve to enter the cashprize while on servers as in Europe or America , players have to scramble to simply qualify for the final.

"Number of qualifying points for the final:

Oceania: 0 points (2402 qualified players for 3000 places)

Asia: 0 points (2657 qualified players for 3000 places)

The player population is so small that giving as much cash as Europe or North America in the second session tomorrow is ridiculous. "

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that Epic Games will decide to change the distribution of cashprize in the middle of these qualifications. And in any case, what will be most interesting players are the qualifying places for the final in New York, and they were pretty well distributed between regions.


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