Fortuna Düsseldorf: Daniel Thioune’s promotion bill burst | Sports

After all, almost 24,000 spectators still want Friday evening Fortuna Düsseldorf against the fourteenth Braunschweig (6.30 p.m. / Sky) in the 2nd Bundesliga see! And that despite the fact that the goal of promotion on the Rhine is getting further and further away given that they are eight points behind with only 13 games left.

24 points are not enough – Thioune’s promotion bill burst!

BILD asked Düsseldorf coach Daniel Thioune (48) how high the percentage probability is that Fortuna can still slip into the relegation …

Thioune winking: “They’re asking a lot of me. I didn’t have an advanced course in math…”

Then Thioune gets serious: “Probability calculations don’t interest me in this case either. I know that if we win our games, we increase the likelihood of climbing. I like to refer to last year, where we showed what we can do together in 13 match days. We scored 24 points there.”

But: They would hardly be enough for third place this season. In the end, Düsseldorf would have 56 points. A brand that has only achieved third place four times since the introduction of the 3-point rule in 1995.

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► Except for the 2003/04 season, when four clubs fought for relegation and 54 points were enough in the end, the competition was never as great as it is now. In order to make the Bundesliga dream come true, Fortuna (32 points), Lautern (35), Paderborn (38) and Heidenheim (40) would still have to intercept.

Thioune deliberately “short-sighted”: “We would do well to concentrate on Braunschweig. The team wants to take something away from here…”