Fortuna Düsseldorf is outnumbered at Werder Bremen

Kristoffer Peterson goes off the field after a red card in the game of Fortuna Düsseldorf

Saw straight red at 0: 3 on January 15, 2022 in Bremen: Fortuna winger Kristoffer Peterson.

Fortuna Düsseldorf lost their first second division game of the new year 3-0 at Werder Bremen. Kristoffer Peterson sees the red card after a brutal tackle.

New Year New luck? puff cake! Fortuna Düsseldorf started the football year 2022 on Saturday (January 15, 2022) with a clear defeat against Werder Bremen. The “Flingerans” are staggering towards the relegation zone.

Before the start of the competitive game in the new year, Fortuna coach Christian Preusser had announced a new “intermediate goal”. You want to crack the 40-point mark as quickly as possible in order to regain peace and planning security.

Fortuna Düsseldorf starts the new year weakly at Werder Bremen

“We want to start with that directly on Saturday,” explained Preusser before the game. Werder Bremen didn’t really care about the desire for peace.

The Hanseatic League started the game very confidently as the favorite and put the Fortunes under constant pressure from the first minute. Leonardo Bittencourt, Niclas Füllkrug and ex-Fortune Marvin Ducksch kept getting dangerous shots because the Düsseldorf defense was often a step too late.

The fact that the score was still 0-0 after the first quarter of an hour was solely due to Bremen’s ineffectiveness. Fortuna rarely got possession of the ball, the early phase was characterized by many fouls on both sides. As in the previous year, there was little to be seen from the Düsseldorfers in the offensive.

Weak Fortuna goalless at break in Bremen

In the rare phases of ball possession, the back three behind striker Rouwen Hennings tried to widen the game, but rarely came close to the opposition’s penalty area.

Shortly before the break, Khaled Narey, Fortuna’s tragic hero from the first leg, was able to run unchallenged onto the Bremen back row after a long ball. But instead of taking advantage of the majority situation and staging the colleagues who ran along, Narey decided to rush the conclusion. Wrong decision, the shot attempt was blocked by Bremen’s Christian Groß.

The two teams went into the half-time break goalless. As in the first round, Werder started dominantly, leaving Fortuna no room to develop.

Sending off for Kristoffer Peterson throws back Fortuna Dusseldorf

After just under an hour, the shock for Düsseldorf: Bremen’s Felix Agu started to sprint on the flank, Kristoffer Peterson came much too late and jumped his opponent’s heel with both feet. Referee Tobias Reichel pulled out the red card without much hesitation – a tough but justifiable decision.

After that, only Werder was still in charge, the Düsseldorf team could no longer get out of their own half. After a short corner from the hosts, Marvin Ducksch hit the ball into the penalty area, Tim Oberdorf lost sight of Niclas Füllkrug for a second, who nodded the ball to a deserved 1-0 lead.

The body language of Düsseldorf afterwards spoke volumes. Christian Preußer’s substitutions Marcel Sobottka, Robert Bozenik and Dawid Kownacki were also unable to counter Bremen’s offensive power.

Fortuna Dusseldorf defenseless after being sent off at Werder Bremen

In the 80th minute, the Hanseatic League combined undisturbed by the Düsseldorf defence. Fortuna’s former goalgetter Marvin Ducksch shot free from ten meters and sank the ball into Florian Kastenmeier’s goal.

Werder put the lid on it in the 87th. Substitute Florian Hartherz carelessly gave up the ball in the build-up game, in the middle Nicklas Füllkrug shot undisturbed. 3-0 Werder.

Bremen had a total of 17 shots on goal after 90 minutes, while Düsseldorf only had four. A relaxed afternoon for Werder goalkeeper Jiri Pavlenka. Even if Fortuna’s board member Klaus Allofs gave his coach a job guarantee before the game, his team’s performance raises the question of how much longer this harmless offensive game can be endured.