Forum conference on the nationwide mandatory 3G documentation that has been in force since today

As of today, the company 3G regulation applies nationwide. In some cases, stricter measures, including lockdowns, have already been adopted in the federal states. In the morning, the forum of vending machine entrepreneurs provided information on the current state of affairs in a Zoom conference.

Up to 75 members were involved, and there is great interest. As of today, companies have to meet their testing and documentation obligations. If employees submit proof of recovery or vaccination, they are exempt from further controls. Employees who have not recovered or have not been vaccinated, on the other hand, need a daily test certificate.

Large numbers of visitors to the test centers

Specialist lawyer Dirk Stapel, supported by lawyer Frank Repschläger and forum manager Anja Bischof, answered numerous questions from members. The costly PCR tests (applies 48 hours), rapid antigen tests (applies 24 hours) and self-tests at the workplace under the supervision of the employer or a representative of the employer (also applies 24 hours) are possible.

It should be remembered to avoid the morning rush hour in the overcrowded test centers. In some cases, waiting times of two to three hours are reported.

Important: Basically, the employees themselves are responsible for the proof of the test!

A possible vaccination incentive could be that the company offers the employee the possibility of being tested regularly in the company (under supervision) after the vaccination. The stress of having to visit the test center every day would be eliminated.

Keep a list of names and calendar days

The state laws, a total of 16 different ordinances, are naturally very confusing. In any case, it is recommended to keep a list with names and calendar days in the company and to work through or tick off. In doing so, data protection aspects must also be taken into account. So the personal vaccination situation must not be “gossiped around”.

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Sure: If the test is positive, the employee must be sent home immediately and the health department informed. It is also important that employees have their vaccination or recovery certificate or the current certificate of a negative test with them at all times.

Attorney Dirk Stapel sees the following variants in practice for the arcade branches: The test certificate is sent to the employer as a scan or as a fax or as a WhatsApp message before starting work. When changing shifts, employees could also check each other’s status or carry out a test under supervision.

Important: Compare the certificate and ID with one another

The guests should also document the test in a list and compare the vaccination status or the test certificate with the identity card. Of course, unvaccinated people who claim a medical reason for not being vaccinated need not be allowed into the arcade. House rules and responsibility for the well-being of all guests apply here.

Other topics such as home office, short-time work and country-specific features – Thuringia is currently planning a compulsory PCR test – supplemented the one-hour forum members’ conference. The AutomatenMarkt will report in detail in its December issue.