Forward Announces New Campaign “Forwordle”, a Crypto Word Game to Win Free Coins

As announced in a Jun 26 blog post, the Defi “Forward” platform has announced the launch of a new campaign. Which will be a Crypto word guessing game for a chance to win free Forward coins, a total prize of over 500,000 Forward tokens.

This campaign will be called Forwordle In other words, it is a popular word guessing game where friends will participate in daily crypto word guessing. The details of the game are as follows.

how to play the game

  • Forwordle is a 5-letter word guessing game that makes up crypto words with or without meaning.
  • You will have 10 chances to guess the correct answer.
  • Each answer has its own color to show if the letter is correct or not.
  • If letters appear in yellow Show that this term is included in the answer. but not in the right place
  • If the letters are green, then this word is in the answer and in the right place.
  • If the letters are grayed out, this word is not in the answer.
  • If all 5 characters are shown in green Indicates that the game is over and the total score is counted from the time spent. (The less time the better)

Terms and Conditions

  • Forwordle will be available for a total of 4 weeks with daily and weekly rewards.
  • There are 7 days in each week and participants will be able to play 1 game per day starting on the first day of the week on Monday at 12 noon (UTC).
  • Everyone gets the same set of words for that week, but not in chronological order.
  • each day of the game (Monday included) at 12 noon (UTC). You will be given one option to play in that week’s vocabulary set. (Any list that has been played will be shown as played) and rewards will be separated on a daily basis.
  • For any game, you can start it manually and the system will start a timer when the game starts.
  • There will be only 2 hours to start the game each day, from 12 noon (UTC) until 2pm (UTC).
  • After that, you won’t be able to play the game of the day. But you will be able to resume the game at 12 noon (UTC) the next day.
  • Each day, the top 10 players who finish the game in the fastest time will be rewarded, with the top 1-10 places awarded. 3,500/2500/2000 and 1000 Forward tokens for the remaining 7 ranks.
  • Weekly prizes will be awarded only to the top 10 players who complete all 7 games (1 set) and finish the game with the lowest total time, with the top 1-10 places awarded. 4,000/3,000/2,500 and 1,500 Forward tokens for the remaining 7 ranks.
  • Leaderboard scores are displayed in real time and are divided into two sections. between daily and weekly

For those who are interested in participating in the event, you can try the game at Forwordle