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Forza Italia: «No League Opa Here's who wants to come with Berlusconi»

If the League says that many members of Forza Italy knocking on the door of Salvini, as many administrators of civic extraction wish to enroll in the Azzurri because attracted by the new course. "There is no Opa by the Carroccio", assured the senior managers of FI, according to which at this time another phenomenon is occurring: Forza Italia proves not to be subordinate to the party of Salvini, to resist and to be attractiveness. And if in Montecitorio Enrico Costa, elected among the ranks of Noi with Italy, has decided to join the blue group making it jump at 105, in several regions of the boot a considerable number of directors has decided to break the delay and to marry the Knight's party.

In Calabria, for example, something "incredible" occurred. In just a few days over 150 local administrators signed up for Forza Italia. A result that cheers the parliamentary Maria Tripodi, elected for the first time in March: "Our movement likes and is attractive because we believe in the project of Silvio Berlusconi. We are more than satisfied ". The senator from Reggio, Marco Siclari, echoes this: "It's not over. There will be other grafts in September ». Among the new signings Tripodi recalls Giovanni Calabrese, current first citizen of Locri, Giuseppe Idà, mayor of Rosarno, Domenico Romeo, at the helm of the City of Calanna. Another region, other news. Also in Abruzzo there are significant signatures. The Blues in fact can already count on 150 mayors, and recently the most significant membership was that of Gabriele De Angelis, the current first citizen of Avezzano, the city that gave birth to Gianni Letta. It is no coincidence that the regional coordinator Nazario Pagano puts it this way: "We enjoy excellent health".

As for Campania, the blues respond to the Northern League attack. The coordinator Domenico De Siano explains that "there is no OIP, Salvini's party is fishing in the third and fourth rows". If anything, he observes, "in the month of September the group in the Region will increase the number because three councilors from other parties will join". And the names? "You'll find out soon." And then there is the North, where in these hours in the province of Cremona there would be a spike of new adhesions: all strictly from the world of civil society. "It is – says MEP Massimiliano Salini – of 10 mayors, 2 deputy mayors, and 6 municipal councilors". Among others, Marco Pipperi, Robecco D'Oglio's first citizen, Giovanni Leoni, deputy mayor of Casalmaggiore, the Cremona city councilor Giorgio Everet and Attilio Polla, mayor of Romanengo who, underlines Salini, «has never been a member of a party and only now he decides to take the field because he has seen the renewal process ".

Meanwhile, the blue Antonello Aurigemma rejects the rumors of his approach to the Carroccio: "I recognize Silvio Berlusconi as the leader and only glue of the center, and I am convinced that Antonio Tajani, appointed vice president of FI, whom I have known for a long time, thanks to personal skills and great international experience demonstrated in these years, can represent the right person to revive our party even in view of the next challenges ».

August 3, 2018 | 22:26


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