We are talking about a gene called GLUT3. The study linked the genetic mutation to the developmental disorders of the nervous system. The experiment with the use of mice will help to better understand the same diseases among children. This is what Chronicle.info writes with reference to medikforum.ru. increase the risk of disorders of the nervous system. When researchers specifically caused a gene mutation, it provoked symptoms when a specific age in the lives of animals. We are talking about a gene called GLUT3, which is responsible for carrying glucose to brain cells. GLUT3 plays an important role in fetal growth in the early stage of pregnancy. Previous studies have linked GLUT3 mutations in mice with miscarriage and restriction of fetal growth in the last trimester. The data obtained can now provide science with a new understanding of developmental disorders of the nervous system, such as autism, anxiety disorders and attention deficit hyperactivity, and also encourage the development of effective treatment methods. genetic mutations in the development of various conditions, ranging from banal obesity, which has always been attributed to weak willpower, and ending with complex and incurable diseases. The genome-editing techniques created by various groups of scientists should theoretically make it possible in the future to save people from the development of hereditary diseases at the stage of conception or fetal development.

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