Found in a coma, he has bruises on his neck: a mystery in Pesaro – Chronicle

Pesaro, 25 June 2022 – A retiree of 85 years of Villa Ceccolini arrived last night at 10 pm at the emergency room of Pesaro in a state of deep coma. The man, who had been enticed for some time, at first seemed to have had a stroke also due to his precarious condition. But then, during the examination of the patient, the 118 health workers realized that there were marks around the old man’s neck, unmistakable bruises, as if someone had squeezed his neck. Not being able to get answers from the patient, the police were alerted because at that point nothing could be left out. First the steering wheel and then the flying squad went to the old man’s house, at Villa Ceccolini, in a single-storey house, where he lives with his wife. To give the alarm to 118 was the daughter of the elderly spouses, who does not live with them, who had probably been called by her mother. You requested 118 to intervene urgently because the father no longer responded to the solicitations. The rush to the hospital and then the terrible suspicion that he has made his way. Which is not yet a certainty but only a doubt. For this reason, the investigators will have to listen to the man’s wife and daughter who will have to somehow explain what happened inside the house. Where, in addition to the mobile team, the forensics also arrived to collect fingerprints and DNA