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Foundation of an ADFC district association in the Main-Tauber district

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An ADFC district association was recently founded in the Main-Tauber district. According to the press release, they were supported by the ADFC Baden-Württemberg regional association, to which the district association will be affiliated.

Martin Köhler writes for the ADFC: “With the establishment of a district association in the Main-Tauber district, too, it should be ensured that the wheels of traffic policy are rolling, so that a good, well-thought-out and well-engineered network of cycle paths is also created here away from the Main and Taubertal cycle paths and cyclists can ride safely. These are important prerequisites for a traffic and mobility turnaround, especially in rural areas. “

Even before it was founded, individual campaigns had been started, for example a problem bike tour in Bad Mergentheim with Mayor Glatthaar, in order to examine the difficult areas in terms of traffic and to find better solutions. Tours of this kind would take place more often in the future. Also on the plan is the support of the? Citizens’ Offensive Closing the gap? at the bicycle demo between Gerchsheim and Kist on August 13th, since their concerns ?? a continuous cycle path between Tauberbischofsheim and Würzburg ?? also affects the Main-Tauber district.

Information about work of the district association can be found at https://main-tauber-kreis.adfc.de and on Facebook under ?? ADFC Main-Tauber ??.

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