Four dead and several injured after a concert in Brazil

The previous toll reported three dead, including a 12-year-old girl. Eleven people were also injured, including three teachers and a student who were then in serious condition.

“Unfortunately, the tragedy of Aracruz is not yet over. With great pain, we confirm the death of an additional victim, professor Flavia Amboss Merçon”, tweeted Saturday Renato Casagrande, governor of the state of Espirito Santo, without giving details of the injuries.

The shooting occurred in Aracruz, a city of 100,000 people, about 600 kilometers northeast of Rio de Janeiro. With his face covered and a swastika on his camouflage clothing, the assailant broke into Primo Bitti School, a public primary and secondary school he had left in June, according to investigators.

After crossing the gate at the back of the establishment, he went to the teachers’ lounge and opened fire on several teachers, killing two people and injuring nine others, authorities said on Friday.

He then went, not far from there, to the Praia de Coqueiral Education Center, a private school where the young girl was killed.

The two weapons used by the shooter belonged to his father, a policeman, and one of them was the latter’s service weapon, said the authorities, who are investigating whether the young man had links with a or extremist groups.

He was arrested at his home a few hours after the events and, with the cooperation of his parents, surrendered without resistance.

The young man, who should be charged with homicide and attempted homicide, has been transferred to a detention center for adolescents, according to the police.