four deaths in one week

Every week several people die with covid-19 in the province of Almería. The pandemic has not disappeared from the streets, despite the fact that the media focus is on other issues. In fact, this Friday the latest report from the Ministry of Health has been published, which communicates three other deaths.

Nursing homes remain the weakest point. Elderly people with multiple pathologies They are the most vulnerable to covid-19. The figures make it very clear: four of the six deaths that there has been in Almería this week have been in nursing homes.

Although the half of 2022 has not yet been reached, it is already the year with the highest mortality in nursing homes, by far. So far this year, 73 deaths have been confirmed. in these centers in Almería, while in 2020 when 61 elderly people perished and in 2021 there were 52.

This has led the Andalusian health authorities to request on numerous occasions that the fourth dose of the vaccine for this group. However, the Ministry of Health seems to want to wait until winter is closer, around the month of October.

Infections are on the decline

The number of infections is going down. At least the figure that is published, which is not the real total, since diagnostic tests are only carried out on the most vulnerable groups. In the last three days they have declared 318 new positives in Almería. Of them, 139 are over 60 years old.

Almería is the Andalusian province with the fewest cases these days, by far: Seville 1031, Cádiz 1017, Málaga 872, Granada 556, Córdoba 525, Jaén 405 and Huelva 379.

The delegate of Health in Almería, John of the Cross Belmonte, explained that the trend is downward “according to what has been observed in recent weeks.” In his opinion “we are doing things right” but he asks to continue being careful: wear a mask in interior spaces that are not ventilated and be careful with the most vulnerable people.

The trend is also downward in hospital pressure. Right now there are 37 people admitted with covid in the province of Almería (ten less than last week), although the number of occupied beds in the ICU has increased, going from one last Friday to three today. However, Almería is the Andalusian province with the fewest admissions in total and the second with the fewest hospitalized in the ICU, only behind Huelva, where there is one.

The data since the start of the pandemic

Since the beginning of the pandemic in February 2020, 145,838 positive cases of covid-19 have been diagnosed in the province of Almería. 5,920 people have required hospital admission, 893 of them in the Intensive Care Unit.

In the province, 1,223 people have died with covid-19. In this month of May there are already 32 deathsa figure that shows an evident stabilization with respect to previous months: in March there were 32 and in April 31.