Four Santri Sue Surabaya District Court Regarding Interfaith Marriage Decisions

Surabaya, East Java – The Surabaya District Court (PN) was sued on charges of violating the law, after granting an interfaith marriage request for two Surabaya residents, RA who is Muslim and EDS is Christian.

On the Surabaya District Court’s Case Investigation Information System (SIPP) page, the lawsuit was registered on June 23, 2022, with case number 658/Pdt.G/2022/PN Sby,. The lawsuit was filed by four people named M Ali Muchtar, Tabah Ali Susanto, Ahmad Khoirul Ghufron and Shodiqu. The sole defendant is the Surabaya District Court.

The other defendants were also the Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia, the Department of Population and Civil Registration of the City of Surabaya, the Indonesian Ulema Council, the Indonesian Church Association, the Al Anwar Sarang Islamic Boarding School, and the Al Qur’an Islamic Boarding School (led by Gus Baha).

Furthermore, the petition requested by the plaintiff is to grant the plaintiff’s claim in its entirety; declare that the defendant has committed an unlawful act; Sentencing the defendant and co-defendant I to cancel the decision of the case Number 916/Pdt.P/2022/PN.Sby in its entirety.(awy)