Four suspected jihadists arrested in northern Benin

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They have all been in pre-trial detention and prosecuted by the Court for the Repression of Economic Crimes and Terrorism since Monday.

With our correspondent in Cotonou, Jean-Luc Aplogan

All of Beninese nationality, they were arrested during a police operation on October 24 and 25. According to our information, they were intercepted on Beninese territory. More precisely, in the village of Kouaténa, in the north-west of Benin, not far from a gold mining site and 132 km from the Pendjari park, where, in May 2019, two French had been removed.

Few details on these alleged jihadists

What terrorist groups do they belong to? What were they up to? The sources contacted just indicate that the four suspected jihadists had been wanted for a while and therefore followed. ” It is a happy ending thanks to the active cooperation of the population », Welcomes a security source. Once taken prisoner, they were transported to Porto-Novo and presented on Monday to the special prosecutor of the Court for the Suppression of Terrorism (Criet). The latter placed them under warrant of committal and pursues them for “ membership of a terrorist organization ».

According to well-informed sources, there were other arrests of suspected jihadists in the same area during July. Since the episode of the French hostages in the Pendjari park, Benin has strengthened the security of the north of the country and its border areas. A little less than a thousand men would be deployed there.