The most famous artist of the Russian humor scene – Eugene Petrosyan – on Sunday, September 16, celebrates his birthday. The satirist turned 73 years old.
In the last couple of months, the name of Yevgeny Vaganovich practically does not disappear from the news tapes. The reason for this is a loud divorce, which they announced with the ex-spouse, actress Elena Stepanenko, in early August. Nominally, the couple lived in marriage for about three decades, although both now claim that in reality they have not been together for more than 10 years. The cause of the discord in the stellar family of secular observers consider Petrosyan's novel with a young assistant – Tatyana Brukhunova. According to rumors, the 29-year-old passion of the humorist even waits for the child.

Few people know, however, that before meeting Stepanenko – and it happened in 1979, when she came to him to audition for the Theater of Variety Miniatures that he had just opened – a satirist already had three marriages behind him. The first time he married, being very young, in 1962. His chosen daughter was the daughter of actor Vladimir Krieger and sister of the ballerina Quiz. In this marriage, the only child was born Petrosian – a daughter named after Aunt Viktorina. Becoming an adult, she chose the career of an art critic and television producer, and then, after marrying, she left to live in America.
After parting with the quiz's mother, Petrosyan managed to win the heart of the beautiful Anna Kozlovskaya – the daughter of the famous opera singer Ivan Kozlovsky. She was seven years older than Eugene and after a year and a half left him, falling in love with the famous neurosurgeon at that time.
            Then Eugene Vaganovich married an art critic from Leningrad named Ludmila, whom he met on tour. However, the third wife could not stand the heavy workload of the artist.
As for Stepanenko, at the time of the meeting with Petrosyan she was also married – for pianist Alexander Vasilyev. However, almost immediately after she began to work in the theater of Eugene Vaganovich, her marriage ordered a long life.

Petrosyan, by the way, does not come from an artistic, but from a scientific family. His father, an Armenian Vahan Mezhlumovich Petrosyants, taught mathematics at the Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute, and Bella Grigoryevna's mother had a diploma as a chemical engineer, but, having married, decided to devote herself to the family and went into housewives.

Beginning to perform on stage – first leading concerts, and then, since 1962, at the Moscow Variety Theater, – Evgeny Petrosyants removed one letter from his surname for euphonicity and simplicity and became simply Eugene Petrosyan.


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