Fourth corona wave and AGAIN NOT prepared: Who screwed up? – Domestic policy

Germany is experiencing a corona déjà vu.

The Corona winter is coming, but hardly anyone is really prepared, even after 20 months of the pandemic.

BILD explains the crucial mistakes in the preparation for the fourth corona wave – and who screwed it up!

No compulsory testing in old people’s homes

The coronavirus caused a disaster in old people’s and nursing homes in winter 2020. More than 30,000 people have died in homes, most of them without contact with loved ones. The reason: the homes were not adequately protected with tests. A protective one vaccination did not exist back then.

Did you learn from it? Apparently late!

Although it is now known and widely documented that people who have been vaccinated also have the virus and can pass it on, there were 3G and 2G rules in force in thousands of facilities in Germany. In other words: Vaccinated people were able to enter the old people’s homes without being tested in many cases.

Just last week, the federal and state governments agreed at the conference of health ministers on Lake Constance that everyone who goes into and out of retirement and nursing homes MUST be tested several times a week.

▶ ︎ Who screwed it up?

The politics and the operators of the homes themselves. Because: So far, the costs for the tests and the personnel costs were covered, but they were more of a good, mean piece of advice. There was no obligation for the home operator.

After all: some federal states have independently introduced compulsory testing to protect the home residents – Schleswig-Holstein, for example.

Not enough booster vaccinations

Every second elderly person who has to go to hospital because of Corona is fully vaccinated. Because: Over time, the effect of the vaccination diminishes. Especially with people with weak immune systems, who are most at risk anyway. A booster vaccination can strengthen the vaccination protection again. All of this has been known for months.

HOWEVER, not all people who, according to the Standing Vaccination Commission (STIKO) need a so-called booster, are actually vaccinated a third time. In 7.5 million people the vaccination protection is six months or older – only 2.7 million vaccinations have been refreshed so far. A gap of almost 5 million

▶ ︎ Who screwed it up?

The affected federal states themselves. At the beginning of August, Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (42, CDU) agreed with his country colleagues to boost the elderly. Mobile vaccination teams should start in September.

While this works well in the city states of Berlin and Bremen or in Schleswig-Holstein, for example, Saxony-Anhalt, Saxony, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Brandenburg are clearly lagging behind.

Abolition of free rapid tests

The citizen test has become an everyday tool during the Corona crisis: It gave security, opened up admission to restaurants or the cinema and became superfluous with the full vaccination.

Since October 11, the tests are no longer financed by the state. The rapid tests are primarily used to interrupt chains of infection at an early stage and thus keep the infection process under control. In short: so that people who do not yet know anything about their infection do not infect others.

▶ ︎ Who screwed it up?

The federal government let the funding run out. Reason at the time: the free vaccination. The plan to persuade unvaccinated people to vaccinate through financial pressure failed.

Meanwhile, the not yet ruling traffic light coalition wants to take action and is planning the return of the free rapid tests.

Stagnating vaccination rate

The German vaccination campaign is on the spot!

With a vaccination rate of only 67.1 percent, Germany is far behind its European neighbors: for example in Portugal (87.4 percent), Spain (80 percent), Denmark (76 percent) and Italy (71.7 percent).

In fact, in Germany it is not even exactly clear how many people are actually fully vaccinated. Surveys suggest that the rate is up to five percent above the officially reported data.

The strategy of urging previously unvaccinated people to vaccinate instead of convincing them has apparently failed. The important number of first vaccinations has been falling for months. The nationwide 3G rule, 2G in some places and the abolition of free corona tests have not changed anything.

▶ ︎ Who screwed it up?

The entire vaccination campaign is based on pressure, not conviction. Attempts were made at all political levels to make life difficult for unvaccinated people with chargeable tests, 2G rules or other restrictions. And this despite the fact that studies have shown that this exclusion primarily causes one reaction: defiance.