The Taiwanese electronics company said on Tuesday its priority was the hiring of workers in Wisconsin and other parts of the United States.

"We can categorically say that the claim that we are hiring Chinese personnel for our Wisconsin project is untrue," Foxconn said. "Our recruitment priority remains Wisconsin, and we continue to focus on recruiting and training Wisconsin workers and will complement this recruitment from other US locations as needed."

The Wall Street Journal article on Tuesday reported that the company has difficulty finding the engineers it needs in the factory and is trying to get employees at some of its plants in China to move.
The plant was already controversial. At the helm of Governor Scott Walker, Wisconsin legislator Foxconn announced a rich package of tax credits and state support valued at over $ 4 billion. This package was already at the heart of the Republican governor's election, scheduled for Tuesday.

Walker's opponent, Democrat Tony Evers, criticized the package for redirecting resources from other government projects, such as road repairs.

Foxconn is best known for the huge factories in China that build Apple (AAPL) iPhones and Amazon (AMZN) Kindles and Echo Dots.

The plant in Wisconsin will build flat screens. When it was announced in 2017, Walker promised to create a Silicon Valley with well-paid tech jobs in Wisconsin.

iPhone slowdown achieves Foxconn sales

With the state already experiencing low unemployment, it will be difficult to find the Wisconsin workers to fill the 13,000 jobs that Foxconn is hiring. Unemployment in Wisconsin was 3.0% in September, well below the national average of 3.7% and near the record low reached earlier this year.

There is also concern that Foxconn will create labor shortages for other established Wisconsin companies seeking to retain their employees. Foxconn is expected to pay an average of $ 53,000 to all employees at the plant.

The company has announced a $ 100 million gift to the main campus of the University of Wisconsin at Madison to support its development program.



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