FPÖ-Kunasek: “Nehammer’s statements are slap in the face of all victims!” FPÖ

Graz (OTS) Liberals demand consistent and immediate deportations of criminal asylum seekers; Foreign criminals must not pose a threat to society – crime by asylum seekers is also problematic in Styria.

At a press conference held today, ÖVP Interior Minister Karl Nehammer and Vienna’s Police President Gerhard Pürstl reported on the investigations into the horrific murder of a 13-year-old girl by allegedly two Afghan perpetrators. As it turned out, the suspects are an asylum seeker who has only applied for asylum in Austria this year, as well as an Afghans who have been granted subsidiary protection and whose protection status has been deprived of several crimes, whereas the alleged perpetrator however appealed – the case lies with the Federal Administrative Court. “The details that have become known are frightening and leave you speechless,” said FPÖ club chairman Mario Kunasek. “When Interior Minister Nehammer speaks today of continuing the deportations to Afghanistan consistently in view of this deed, then apparently he does not know his own statistics. In 2019, 268 people were deported to Afghanistan, last year fewer than 85. We are finally calling for an end to the empty phrases of the turquoise interior minister and a tough crackdown on criminal “persons entitled to protection” and asylum seekers. It cannot be that strangers come to Austria under the guise of being in need of protection, become delinquent here and pose a threat to the local population due to endless trials and years of appeal, “said Kunasek, who also identifies a potential risk in Styria:” In Styria, too, we have to contend with the crime of asylum seekers on a massive scale. The turquoise-green duo Nehammer and Zadic do absolutely nothing to counter these developments. If it were up to the Styrian freedom, a deportation flight in the direction of Kabul and Damascus would take off every day! “

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