Fradi’s former water polo player got sick and died during training

Róbert Molnár, the former water polo player of Ferencváros trained children aged 13-14 when they got sick, Blikk writes. Even though help arrived quickly at the Dezső Gyarmati Swimming Pool in the capital, it was no longer possible to save the life of a former Fradi player. His death could have been caused by a heart attack.

Molnár had a heart attack two years ago, but then quit smoking. He was in good shape, he did a lot to be physically strong, he tried to keep fit – he told the portal Ferenc Szakonyi, who started playing water polo in Ferencváros together with Molnár 45 years ago.

Molnár is a Hungarian champion and cup winner, he played in 314 ob I matches in Fradi in 1980-1992. Róbert Molnár lived 59 years.



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