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Home News Fragment Battersea "Murder": Two men arrested on suspicion of murdering Ian Tomlin

Fragment Battersea "Murder": Two men arrested on suspicion of murdering Ian Tomlin

Two men in their forties were arrested on suspicion of killing a former boxer in southwest London, Scotland Yard confirmed.

Ian Tomlin, 46, was killed Wednesday in Battersea, police said.

The ex-amateur boxer, who drove buses for seniors and the disabled, died at the scene.

Two men were arrested last night at various addresses in Wandsworth.

At 17.30 on 17 October, officers were called to report to a group of men fighting on a farm.

The police participated with the London Ambulance Service and the London Air Ambulance.

At the scene, a 46-year-old man was found with injuries that had been attacked.

He was declared dead at 18:15.

A forensic officer at the scene

Next relatives were informed and there will be an autopsy this afternoon.

CID chief executive, South West BCU, Superintendent Peter Gardner, said: "First, I would like to extend my heartfelt condolences to the family of Mr Tomlin's family in this devastating time.

"Since the murder on Wednesday, homicide and chief crime officer officers have been working around the clock and have now made two arrests, which is good news."

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