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Framework, the company known for its modular laptops, regularly sends us upgrade kits for review. The first upgrade kit, from last year, contained a motherboard with a 12th generation Intel processor on it. Package number two recently plopped on the mat and brings the laptop to Intel generation number thirteen.

So far nothing remarkable: Framework keeps pace with Intel’s releases and releases new hardware based on the new chips fairly quickly. What is special is that Framework also continues to improve the laptop itself. At the previous upgrade for example, we received a firmer A-cover (the shell into which the screen falls) and this latest upgrade set includes speakers, improved HDMI and DisplayPort modules, new hinges and a matte screen.

That the thirteenth generation Intel processor is faster than the twelfth is not hard to believe. The Tweakers test lab has run the usual benchmarks and you will also find them later in this article. However, what makes Framework unique, of course, are the minor upgrades. The hinges, modules and speakers. What’s new about them and does it make sense to upgrade them if you already have a Framework Laptop? You can read it in this article.

2023-06-07 04:00:00

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