France: A Senegalese paramedic killed in Besançon!

XALIMANEWS-Moussa Dieng was fatally stabbed this Saturday in Besançon, during an intervention in a patient known for his psychological fragility. The paramedic was greatly appreciated by his devastated peers.

Born in 1971 in Senegal, where his wife and young two children currently reside, Moussa Dieng, who died on Saturday during an intervention in a patient, had already worked for several years at Jussieu Secours Besançon.

“He was very appreciated” by his management and his teammates, all won over by this sunny personality, open to others. “The word generosity, it was Moussa who invented it”, tells an ambulance driver, “he was very invested in the association: he helped the students of his country, he took care of the elderly, he also created a lot of things in Senegal ”.

A professional project also led Moussa Dieng to focus on his native land. “He wanted to work a few more years in Besançon, in order to be able to set up his own business there, always to help others … All that is over,” laments his colleague.

Source: The Republican East


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