France: Emmanuel Macron “postpones the debate” on the limitation to 110km / h on motorways

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During the Citizen’s Climate Convention, Emmanuel Macron dismissed the debate on speed limits on French motorways.

Emmanuel Macron decided Monday to “postpone the debate” on the limitation to 110 km / h on motorways, proposed by the Citizen’s Climate Convention.

“The ecological transition must not be to the detriment of the municipalities, the most landlocked regions,” argued the head of state, also explaining wanting to prevent the work of the convention from “spoiling in a controversy”.

The French president intends to transmit to the government or to the Parliament, or to submit to referendum “the totality of the proposals” of the Citizen convention for the climate, “with the exception of three of them”, he announced Monday in front of its 150 members.

Some will be decided at the end of July, others integrated into the recovery plan but most will be the subject of a “specific bill” multi-measures in September, he said.


Emmanuel Macron said he was “ready” Monday to submit to referendums from 2021 certain proposals of the Citizen Convention for the climate, on the one hand to modify the constitution, on the other hand for specific measures.

“The rewriting of article 1 of our Constitution (…) to introduce the notions of biodiversity, environment, fight against global warming (…), I am in favor of this proposal”, he said, by also saying that it is open to a referendum “on one or more pieces of law” incorporating others



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